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May 4, 2012


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first and foremost this is not a do this don't do this set of rules
it is a this is suggested, this is discouraged/non canon set of guidelines.


names are typically six by six. i.e. karkat vantas. six in first name, six in last. or to use one of mine, vixira kisela. six and six.
they typically are relevant to the character and not human names.
"Karkat comes from "Karkata," the Hindu astrological equivalent of Cancer, minus one letter." " Vantas, on the other hand, is a prostate cancer treatment drug."
Vixira's name comes from the word Vixen, specifically the Vix part. Kisela comes from the words Kit, which is the name for a baby fox, and Sela, which is the name of a fictional fox.
The six by six rule isn't absolutely necessary by any means, it just tends to look nicer and is more "canon".
I've noticed with the canon twelve that all the girls' names end with either the "ee" sound or an a. Terezi, Nepeta, Aradia, Feferi, Vriska, Kanaya. Not necessary either, just kinda cool, and somewhat feminine sounding.

Ancestor names are usually eight letters long. exception is Grand Highblood, and part of Mindfang's.
Vixira's is the Assassin. "the" is not included in the eight. "the Sufferer", "the Disciple", etc.
That said ancestors' fate are also tied in with their descendants' fate. like the deaths of the Mindfang and Redglare. Mindfang was killed, we're led to believe, by the Summoner. Vriska killed Tavros. Redglare was killed indirectly by Mindfang, while Terezi killed Vriska. so on and so forth.
(I haven't developed my trolls' ancestors enough to expound on their interactions)

trolls have black hair, grey skin, yellow eyes and orangered/red, orange and yellow horns.
These typically do not change. albinos are discouraged because it is a mutation, which would lead to the grub being culled.
hair colour: can vary with streaks of blood colour. it's not known for sure whether these are permanent or dyed.

Lowblood trolls especially wear mostly/all blacks and greys, and their symbol on their shirt in their blood colour. Trolls typically think fashion is stupid, but a fashion-oriented troll isn't taboo either. wearing clothes of their blood colour is also fine, like my troll Cigney wears a dark green shirt.
Trolls usually are allowed to wear clothing in their blood colour, or in the blood colours below them, OR in their quadrant-mate's blood colour, as we see with Nepeta wearing blue along with her own olive green.

basically don't overdo it. accessories are okay but most trolls think fashion is dumb.

blood colour
blood colour. this is the easiest thing to break canon on. never mind that hussie said there's only the twelve normal colours.…
here are the twelve known canon colours. It's been suggested that there's slight shade differences between castes if you want to go a strict canon route. here's an even better chart.
Luminosity (the Lum value in MS Paint) should be about around 50 - 70. the luminosity varies, but stays fairly constant with blood groups. anything much brighter (like karkat's 100%) is mutant and should be avoided. Karkat's mutant blood is supposed to be a HUGE rarity and there is a good reason he hides his blood colour: he'd be culled in a heartbeat if he was open about it. The only reason he exists as a mutant is because he, and his ancestor, were made through ectobiology and sent back in time on meteors, thus avoiding the caverns all together. It's just dumb luck/fate that he had a lusus to match.
Mutant grubs will show their blood colour on their little grubby bodies, and would almost invariably be culled. Mutations are not treated kindly in Alternian society.
As far as selecting a range as to where blood colours may lie, look at the upper portion (about the upper 25%) of the MS Paint colour spectrum. All of the canon blood colours lie there, so your noncanon colour should be around there as well.
Also, white, black, monochrome and rainbow blood are impossible. Hussie has stated this. Pink is also NOT on the spectrum, it goes from Aradia's colour being the lowest to Feferi's colour being the highest.
Colours are canonically only between Aradia and Eridan. Feferi's colour is impossible unless you're in an AU, because only the Condesce and her heiress can have that colour.
Jadebloods are rare, and thought to be primarily female. However, this is not 100% fact and therefore it is okay to have a male jadeblood.
Not all jadebloods are daywalkers though.

Lususes, Lusii, whatever you want to call them, match their charge in blood colour and general power. Like Glubglub (Fef's lusus) would never go to a lowblood. Seadwellers and just-shy-of-seadwellers (Gamzee, and this part is typically/wide headcanon) have aquatic or semiaquatic lusii.
Lusii shouldn't have "superpowers" so to speak, except with the case of one like Glubglub, and that would really only belong to a Tyrian blood.
A troll's lusus isn't normally named, but it can be. ____mom and ____dad are fanon nicknames, and aren't really actually used in the canon. the concept of a "mom" and "dad" are foreign to trolls. It's best to stick with made up names like Tinkerbull, Aurthour, etc.

Limebloods and lower are typically the ones to have abilities. Vriska is the exception, not the rule, and even hers was limited to lowbloods. However, it has been indicated that those of Vriska's caste are more likely to have abilities than other highbloods. So if you want a highblood with an ability, cerulean/cobalt is a good caste to pick. Just remember that her powers WERE reasonably limited.
The recent update on the status of limebloods can't yet be held true for Beta/the 12's Alternia without more information.
Also lime coloured blood is like the colour of an actual lime, not "lime green".

Don't make it something outrageous. What we've seen in canon is telekinesis, an ability to commune with animals, and the dead, hearing the voices of the dead, and mind control. Terezi's doesn't really count, as she was taught that by her lusus.

The only acceptable mutations that I can think of would be more than a pair of horns, though this should be rather rare, as Sollux's are mentioned to be freakish, and wings. The wings is a personal headcanon drawn from the fact that the Summoner had wings for no apparent reason. It could be inferred that he was born with them as a grub, and they stayed with him. This may be something that is highly sought in Alternian society, one of the very few mutations that are tolerated.
Mutantbloods and albinos will almost invariably be culled. If you want to have one, you should have a very good reason for it.
Albinos will still have blood colour, they won't have white blood.

The complexity of one's hive tends to correlate with the colour of their blood. Highbloods have fancy hives (Vriska's castle, Eridan's marooned pirate ship), while lowbloods have simpler hives (Karkat's, Sollux's, etc.). Hives are also built when the troll is very young, so they kind of reflect the whims of a child as well. It's totally okay to put your hive somewhere a little strange, like in a tree, or in a cave, underground, etc.

trolltag and quirk
trolltags should relate to the interests of the troll, or something about its personality or sign. they are two words, such as carcinoGeneticist. it's kinda cool to stick to the GCAT theme going on in canon, but not necessary.
QUIRKS oh golly. quirks are tough to begin with, and should relate to your troll as well. random quirks are weird and can be hard to read. for example, my troll Vixira capitalises all Vs because of how her sign looks (upside down A, which looks like a V with a - through it), and is soft spoken - uses all lowercase otherwise. She also encloses her text in a "roll of film" [ like this ). the [ being the canister and the ) being the torn edge of film.
Fraven has a slight growl to his text, which comes through by doubling or tripling Rs. He also precedes his text with a sabre, his strife specibus.
your quirk should be readable. If you show it to a non homestuck friend and they have a hard time reading it, it's time to simplify.

strife weapons: strife specibi are typically eight letters or less + kind. such as knifekind, or fncysntakind (one of dirk's, notice it's not fancysantakind).
fetch modi: usually relate somehow to the troll or their interests. shouldn't be TOO easy to get things from, or too hard. Also shouldn't be too absolutely literal.

sgrub related stuff
okay i really have no beef with fansessions. at all. in fact I'm planning one! for mine, one of my trolls is a technopath, meaning he can commune with technology, and used this power to steal copies of the game from the canon twelve. realistically, their session would be null, but I haven't decided whether or not it will bear fruit. we'll see.
it's not totally necessary to have a reason for possessing the game. I don't really care, and it's kind of a minor detail in the long run.

Titles are single syllable words and follow a Class of Aspect format. ie Heir of Breath. and yes seer is one syllable shh.
It's totally okay to make up your own classes and aspects but I personally encourage people to stick with the single syllable rule. That's why, for Vixira's, i picked Flame over Fire, as fire is two syllables and flame is only one.
titles are meant to be a challenge! It's not totally known what these challenges are, and UU is explaining their roles in more detail, but there are passive and active classes, and that vastly effects how the player is able to use their aspect-given powers.… this is a good thing for titles - THERE IS A LOT OF BLOOD AND GORE IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE TUMBLR POST. It's all troll blood and gore, but I feel people should be warned.… Another good reference for titles. These are not word of god/canon, there's a lot of speculation, but it's a cool resource.

god tier
a character can reach god tier after maxing out on their echeladder, dying on their Quest Cocoon (Quest Bed for humans) or being transported there soon after death, and only if their dream self is in some way alive. Or at least that is what we've seen in canon.
within the Green Sun were "extra" (?) Quest Beds for Dave and Rose, which they died standing on, allowing them to ascend.
And Aradia's case. Her dreamself was apparently asleep on a Quest Cocoon at the center of Derse the whole time and when her dream self died as Jack destroyed Derse, she ascended immediately, like a boss.
(basically if Hussie wants a character to god tier, he'll make it happen)
God tier outfits are static across same classes (ie all princes, all heirs, all maids, etc.) and only vary across aspects in colour. However, characters can alter their god tier outfit. my fantroll Fraven would dislike the pantaloons of his Prince god tier outfit, and therefore would swap them out for his old black pants. The general colour theme is also static throughout each aspect, but placement of various colours may vary. Shoe colour seems to be pretty much a personal thing, as Rose's shoes are blue, while Vriska's are red and they're both heroes of Light. Dave and Aradia both have black shoes, though.

wings can resemble symbol and/or horns, or not not. Vriska's relate to her, but don't particularly look like her symbol, while Feferi and Eridan's do, and even Aradia's to some extent.
Their colour is the same general colour of the troll's blood, in different shades.
uhh there's no big rules on wings, except that they're insect based. So bird/angel/demon/dragon wings are kind of a no-no.
Wings are removable OR can be hidden. We see Vriska without her wings for quite a while, so it's not absolutely clear if they're actually just usable props or can be hidden from view with a little bit of "magic".

lands typically follow a Land of ____ and ____. Nepeta's Land of Little Cubs and Tea was so Hussie could spell LOLCAT, mostly.
there's no huge rules for these either, except Heroes of Space have Land of ____ and Frogs, and Heroes of Time have something to do with clocks, watches, time, etc. Land of Heat and Clockwork is pretty obvious. Land of Quartz and Melody is more subtle. Quartz is used in timepieces. My Witch of Time presides over the Land of Ice and Rhythm, such as the rhythm of a clock (tick tick tick). Her land constantly ticks as well.
These typically relate to the player or their title. Land of Wind and Shade. Land of Light and Rain. Heat is probably because Dave's element is fire.

derse v. prospit
this is another your choice thing. think of your character. the prospit dreamers tend to be more internally good (even Vriska thought, in some twisted way, she was doing right by Tavros), while Derse dreamers have a "darker" side - not to say they'll be evil, but just... it's difficult for me to explain my thoughts here.
like I put Vixira on Derse because of the devolution she goes through once entering the game. she becomes more violent and rash. This is her darker side coming out.
Also consider that Prospit dreamers can see visions of the future in the clouds, while Derse dreamers are whispered to by horrorterrors.
Just think of your character and what would fit them.
Also, Prospit is all about destiny, while Derse is all about free will. There's a tumblr post that explains this better, and when I find that I'll post it.
Also, in a session, I do not believe Derse v. Prospit dreamers have to be balanced.… The very first question answered provides a LOT of information on Prospit v Derse.

again this is not a definitive Do this Don't do that, Don't have fun type of guide.
it's just
suggestions. guidelines. follow them or don't, it makes no big difference to me.
Also, anything you feel should be in here, or if there's anything you have questions about, feel free to ask! My tumblr is, or you can note me here!
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AkitheShinigami Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
First, let me say that the reason Karkat had a lusus at all was thanks to his ancestor! His preachings included some talk of Karkat in the future, so his followers carefully breeded a lusus for his descendant. UvU

As far as I know, there are no albinos. There are, however, rainbow drinkers. Some Jade bloods have the ability to become one, though the exact circumstances of this are questionable.

There are Quest Beds/Cocoons in the moons of each dream planet. I do believe you have to die on your bed too, not actually die and THEN reach each it. (In each case, someone was dying when they reached their bed, thus granting them godtier!)

(-Don't mind me, just adding what I know here-)
freymotif Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this guide is so old i sorely need to redo it, most of what youve said are things i was going to add when i do
but thank you :)
Mococolasnap Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
At first I thought Derse dreamer's were more Planing and thinkers when it comes to wars and fight's and Prospit were more Head on with fight's. :/ I'm completely wrong.... XD

Also, I'm planning to change my Fantrolls Godtier to the Maid of Heart (More canon) Would that be good?
freymotif Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i actually need to update that whole prospit/derse section so that could be a possibility, or an aspect of it.

it sounds good! titles depend on the individual, and there's probably not a huge correlation between class/aspect and dreaming moon or anything like that. here's a copy&paste from a fantroll review blog that's doing a title analysis thing
"Heart: Like the Knight of Heart, the Maid of Heart can create a literal iteration of soul energy to use as a deflector of enemy attacks. Also, the more powerful her emotions are, the more quickly she can dodge and counter attacks- an enraged Maid of Heart is a force to be reckoned with."
Mococolasnap Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Thanks for the explanation! I was trying to find one, but no one seen to answer anything liked that.
PervBlooP Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
... I have to overdo mine a little bit I see ... TTwTT
freymotif Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that's all up to you, these are suggestions and most people tend to like more "canon" fantrolls better.
InCloakingShadows Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Really nice, but you should update it (that part about UU and uu) and this site is VERY helpful with titles and lands and propit/derse [link]
freymotif Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ah yes i do, thank you!
InCloakingShadows Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No problem :)
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